Our company manufactures and sells: flashing, gutters, downspouts and accesories such as skylights, screws, closure trip, ridges, anchorages, sealants, cutting discs, tacky tape, galvanized tubes and more as needed for construction. All materials are cut insofar accurate. We guarantee the production of your order on or before 24 hours. Delivery service available throughout the entire island.

Roof Panels Type "R"

Zincalum Type "R" comes in a broad range of colors, thirteen colors to choose from gauges 24 and 26. Our Zincalum meets specifications ASTM A-792 structural steel Grade 50 coating AZ-55 with a siliconized polyester paint.


Eurotile is a galvalume roof panel with the beauty of tile with the advantages of metal. Pre-painted same as Zincalum with a siliconized polyester paint with a durability of 30 years. Available in gauges 24 and 26.

Deck type "B" & Purlings

Deck Type "B" is a hot dipped structural steel grade 50, coating G-90 in 18,20,22 gauges with or without composite.
Purlin structural G90 degree in gauges 12,14 to 16 from 4" to 12" "type C and Z".

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